Virtually Every Major Service Provider
in the World

COLOTRAQ’s World Wide Network of
Data Center Infrastructure providers
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First and Largest Full Service DCI Broker

As the industry’s first colocation broker, COLOTRAQ has been helping businesses and institutions find data center infrastructure solutions since 1999 with its comprehensive consulting services and its unrivaled network of more than 400 service providers worldwide. COLOTRAQ’s colocation services are free to our clients and totally vendor-neutral.
Because we have real-time knowledge and instant access to practically every data center in the world, COLOTRAQ can help you find the best colocation solution for any size project. Whether you are looking to deploy a single server, a high density cluster, or footprints in multiple markets, your requests will be met with ease in COLOTRAQ’s proprietary cloud based software DCI Traq, the datacenter infrastructure marketplace.