Grow your revenue with qualified leads
for colocation, managed hosting,
cloud and network services

No Cost
There are absolutely no up-front fees or start-up costs of any kind.
No Obligation
You always have the choice whether to accept a lead or not.
Enhance Sales
Supplements your existing sales and marketing efforts.
True Objectivity
We don’t favor one service provider over another,
clients choose.
Pure Neutrality
We don’t compete in any way with the service providers listed.
Found Revenues
It provides you with an additional source of revenue.
Performance Based
We don’t get paid a dime until we generate realized revenue for you.
More Traffic
It’s the industry’s largest and most active marketplace.
Why does my company need to be in COLOTRAQ?
COLOTRAQ is the authority for companies looking for colocation, managed services, cloud and network services. Listing your services in COLOTRAQ gives you access to qualified leads generated from our aggressive marketing and reputation for professionalism and customer-focus. The COLOTRAQ Program is designed to create a real win-win situation that provides you with unlimited upside potential, because it’s absolutely free to list your facilities and there is never an obligation to accept a lead.
How do I list my services in the COLOTRAQ database?
It’s easy! Get started by submitting your services using the Online Listing Form. It only takes a few minutes. Once we receive and review your submission, a company representative will contact you to complete the process of getting your company signed up into the program.
How much does it cost to list my facilities?
Nothing! Since COLOTRAQ is a purely performance-based marketplace, there is absolutely no up-front investment necessary. List your services for free. We’ll provide you with qualified leads. Should that result in a signed agreement for your space or services, then and only then do we get paid monthly commissions for as long as you are getting paid. There is never an obligation to accept or sign up a lead if it doesn’t make sense for your business.
Do you require some type of exclusive arrangement?
No. There is no exclusivity of any kind required. In fact, the very nature and success of COLOTRAQ is based on the principle of maintaining a neutral and open environment where buyers and sellers are not restricted or limited in any way.
DCITraq, the datacenter infrastructure marketplace
COLOTRAQ’s State of the Art, Cloud Based Software Providing unparalleled tools and access to virtually every service provider in the world!
DCI Traq gives you the tools to stay completely informed at every step of the process and in touch with your COLOTRAQ Sourcing Manager as well as the providers specifically matched to your RFQ