Data Quality Maturity Assessment Questionnaire

Welcome to the Data Quality Maturity Assessment. Once you have completed the questionnaire below you will receive your assessment via email within 2 business days of your submission. Your assessment will include a detailed evaluation and rating of your organization’s Data Quality Maturity Level in the following areas:

  • Policy definition
  • Organizational governance
  • Process and procedure definition
  • Technology
  • Architecture and administration
  • Compliance controls

Shortly after receiving your assessment, a Data Quality expert will contact you to schedule time to review the analysis and discuss opportunities to help you advance your organization’s Data Quality Maturity Level and start you on your journey to achieving the business benefits of high quality data.

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Whether you are undertaking a data center infrastructure initiative, a new systems implementation, merger & acquisition, business transformation, etc., data quality is universally recognized as one of the most critical enablers of successful business and technology imperatives, yet it is often overlooked or underwhelmed. 

Is your data ready to support its intended purpose?

Do you have the proper policies, governance, processes, tools, standards and controls necessary to attain and sustain optimal levels of data quality?

How does your organization stack up?

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