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COLOTRAQ can help you find colocation providers in Seattle

Contact COLOTRAQ if you need colocation services in Seattle. We can help you find the right solution — at no charge to our customers — whether you’re reaching capacity in your existing facility, looking to relocate your data centers, or seeking a lower cost provider. We have over 500 partners (with close to 3000 data centers) located globally, and our connections and expertise are ideally suited to find you the best colocation services in the Seattle market.

Key information about the Seattle market

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and has a mix of older industrial companies (e.g., aerospace) and ‘new economy’ Internet and tech-nology companies. Top industry sectors include manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and communications, biotechnology, maritime, and tourism. A strong business presence, significant national and international connectivity, and reliable low-cost power have created continued demand for both colocation and wholesale data center space in Seattle. Indeed, it has experienced consistent and steady growth over the past several years.

The Seattle metro area has two carrier hotels located on 2001 Sixth Avenue and 140 4th Avenue N. There is a significant amount of interconnection between United States and Canadian carriers, including five exchanges as well as some content providers. The Seattle market is also popular for customers who need colocation services in Portland, Oregon.

There has been plenty of expansion activity in Seattle in the past couple of years, with expansions or new facilities coming online. Demand dynamics in Seattle can be somewhat unpredictable. As in Silicon Valley, IT firms in growth mode can boost demand significantly for a period (as Amazon.com and Microsoft have been known to do). However, once they reach a particular threshold such firms sometimes build their own data centers in low-cost locations (e.g., Central Wash-ington or the Portland, Oregon area) and consolidate their infrastructure, exiting many of their leases in Seattle. This can make for a bit of a boom-and-bust cycle. However, there are strong pipelines of new IT firms in Seattle, so it is often only a matter of time before the next IT firm starts to grow rapidly and move into available colocation space.

While seismic activity in the Pacific Northwest has been relatively low for the past two centuries, Seattle has seismic risks, as do two of the top US data center markets in San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is a factor in data center design and drives enterprises to have backup data centers outside Seattle. Some of these backup data centers are in central Washington state, about 160 miles from Seattle, which is not considered part of the Seattle data center market. Inexpensive power, tax benefits and moderate weather have resulted in significant data center investment.

What’s in it for you?

COLOTRAQ’s value-add is significant: We know the business, markets, and facilities. We are completely neutral and autonomous because we don’t own, operate, or work for any data center providers. Yet, we work with all of the commercial data centers in Seattle. This means that COLOTRAQ’s clients get to pick the best of the best. The data center sourcing consultants we employ have comprehensive facility and market knowledge. They save you time and money by working directly with our data center providers, reviewing your requirements, and getting you competitive proposals. This promotes fair competition and ensures that you get the best data center provider, at the best price, based on YOUR requirements, not on arbitrary sales quotas.

We can help you find data center colocation services in Seattle and nearby Portland, Oregon, while giving you a client engagement experience that rivals any of the top tier consulting firms. Get started now by clicking the button.