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Complete your colocation project in Virginia

Let COLOTRAQ help you find data center providers in Virginia. Our connections, expertise, and proprietary sourcing methodology are perfectly suited to help you find the best services for your colocation project. All of this at no charge from COLOTRAQ. Whether you are searching for a lower cost provider, reaching capacity in your existing facility, or looking to move data centers, we can help you reduce your IT spend, as well as the amount of time you spend during research and procurement initiatives.

Virginia Market - Key Information

The Northern Virginia market (which includes Richmond, Sterling, Ashburn, Reston, Loudon County, and Prince William County):

  • is the second largest data center market along the eastern USA (New York/New Jersey market is the first).
  • has a high amount of connectivity to and from Europe.
  • is one the most highly connected Internet locations on the planet.

Loudoun County features a robust infrastructure of quality highways, access to airports, lowcost land, and proximity to Washington DC, and has fostered the above-referenced growth by enticing technology companies with attractive tax incentives. Furthermore, Loudoun County is constructing a reclaimed water loop that could save data center operators up to 40% of their water costs and the area’s utility, Dominion Power, plans to lower power prices in 2015.

Prince William County is attracting multi-tenant data center providers as well as enterprise data centers. Maryland, which is slightly northeast of Ashburn, has also benefited from this expansion and growth activity. Throughout the region, electric power is reliable and moderately priced (about 30% less than the national average). Coupled with the world-class network interconnections available, the foundations for continued growth in this market remain strong.

To some degree, multi-tenant data center providers outside the immediate Ashburn area have begun to highlight their location as competi-tive differentiators, citing potentially reduced travel times for metro-DC staff and access to public transit. Providers in southern Maryland additionally point to the geographic separation and separate power infrastructure as an advantage when considering risk management. In fact, such diversity tied to resilience planning is a trend seen by nearly all multi-tenant data center providers in the region. Estimates run that about 40% of tenants have engineered application load-balancing or failover architectures across multiple data center locations.

Why Should You Use COLOTRAQ?

Our value-add is simple: we know our facilities, markets, and business, and we use this expertise to save you time and money.

Furthermore, we employ data center sourcing consultants who have extensive market and facility knowledge; we work directly with our data center providers, review your requirements, and get you competitive proposals; and we don’t own, operate, or work for any data center providers, which makes us completely independent and neutral. This last one is particularly important because it promotes fair competition and ensures our clients get the best data center provider based on their requirements, at the best price, not on quotas.

We work with all of the commercial data centers in the Virginia market so we can help you regardless of what phase your project is in. Get started today by clicking the button.