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Do you need to find a data center for colocation services in the Miami area, but aren’t sure where to start your search? Whether you’re reaching capacity in your existing facility, seeking to relocate your data centers, or looking for a lower cost provider, COLOTRAQ can help you find the right solution. All of this at no charge to you, our customer. With over 500 partners in 1,200 markets across 160 countries, as well as our proprietary and proven effective sourcing methodology, COLOTRAQ has the connections and expertise to find you the best colocation services for your needs in Miami.

Overview of the data center market in Miami

Miami, Florida is ranked as one of the five most networked cities in the world. The unique positioning of Miami data centers combines the security and simplicity of US protocols and standards with the geographical proximity to the growing Latin American markets. Due to the unique challenges of the Miami climate, hurricane resistance is of primary importance. Most, but not all, data centers are Category 5 rated facilities and are designed to withstand flood damage and carry a wind rating of 185 miles per hour.

The primary Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas is located in Miami. A large data center and Internet exchange point, it hosts one of the instances of the K-root of the Domain Name System. More than 160 networks converge at the building, creating a major connectivity ecosystem. The building has six stories, and a floor area of around 750,000 square feet. NAP of the Americas also serves as a relay for the Department of State’s Diplomatic Telecommunications Service. Should the NAP ever lose its fiber connections, three rooftop sphere structures house three large satellite antennas to provide Internet connectivity.

The NAP switches the majority of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean’s layer- 1, layer-2, and layer-3 traffic bound to more than 148 countries in the world. This makes it the unrivaled gateway to the Americas.

Why should you use COLOTRAQ?

The value-add at COLOTRAQ is simple: we know our business, markets, and facilities and we use this expertise to save you time and money. We do this by:

  • Employing data center sourcing consultants who have extensive market and facility knowledge.
  • Working directly with our data center providers, reviewing your requirements, and getting you competitive proposals.
  • Promoting fair competition and ensuring you get the best data center provider based on YOUR requirements — at the best price — not on quotas.
  • Being completely independent and neutral because we don’t own, operate, or work for any data center providers. Yet, we work with all of the commercial data centers in the New York market. In short, our clients get to pick the best of the best.

COLOTRAQ can help you regardless of the phase your project is in. And, we can do as much or as little of the work as you deem appropriate. Click the button and start receiving competitive colocation quotes for your project in Miami.