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COLOTRAQ can find colocation providers in Colorado

If you are a customer looking to find colocation services in Denver, Englewood, or elsewhere in Colorado, COLOTRAQ can help you at no charge! We help you find the right solution, whether you’re reaching capacity in your existing facility, looking to relocate your data centers, or looking for a lower cost provider. With over 500 partners located worldwide, close to 3000 data centers (also located worldwide), our connections, and our expertise, COLOTRAQ is ideally suited to find you the best colocation services in Colorado.

Market overview - Denver and Englewood

The Denver and Englewood regions have seen rapid growth in the data center market as organizations construct new facilities or expand their footprints within existing structures. In fact, this area has about 2.9 million square feet of data center space.

Many factors make Englewood and Denver a prime region for data center development. The area has a low propensity for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods. It also has a highly-educated labor force that allows companies to hire skilled technical workers. In addition, Denver’s mountain climate provides up to 8,000 hours of free, environmental cooling per year. Except in the hottest summer days, data centers can easily cool their facilities by pumping outside air into the building. This greatly offsets the need for massive amounts of power to electrically cool the facilities, and helps to provide a lower total cost of ownership for tenants.

A large REIT (real estate investment trust) recently announced plans to extend the term of its lease at its Denver data center. With the new agreement in place, it now has contractual rights and control over the establishment until 2024. Furthermore, the lease extension allowed the company to boost its capacity at the data center campus, making it one of the most interconnected facilities in the Rocky Mountain region. The site houses two facilities, which provide customers with capacity, connectivity, community, and customer service.

Two other data center operators recently expanded services in the Denver/Englewood region as well. One was awarded a certification from the Uptime Institute for its Tier III modular expansion and the other was built in Southeast Denver and included a Tier IV design for redundancy and fault-tolerant components.


COLOTRAQ offers their customers a significant value-add: we know the business, markets, and facilities. This value-add is further enhanced by the fact that we’re completely neutral and autonomous because we don’t own, operate, or work for any data center providers. Despite that, we work with all of the commercial data centers in Colorado. This means that COLOTRAQ’s clients get to choose the best of the best. The data center sourcing consultants we employ have comprehensive facility and market knowledge. They save you time and money by working directly with our data center providers, reviewing your requirements, and getting you competitive proposals. This promotes fair competition and ensures that you get the best data center provider, at the best price, based on your requirements, not on quotas.

We can help you find data center colocation services in Denver, Englewood, and most of Colorado, while giving you a client engagement experience that rivals any of the top tier consulting firms. Get started now by clicking the button.