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Find colocation providers in the Los Angeles Metro Area

If you need to find a data center in the LA metro area (including Orange County and Irvine), COLOTRAQ can help you. Whether you’re reaching capacity in your existing facility, looking to relocate your data centers, or are searching for a lower cost provider, COLOTRAQ can help you find the right colocation solution in Los Angeles. All of this at no charge to you. With over 500 providers located globally, we have the connections and expertise to find you the best colocation services for your project.

Key Market Information - Los Angeles

Home of Hollywood, La Brea Tar Pits, the USA’s largest municipally-owned utility, and, of course, One Wilshire (widely regarded in the industry as the single most important telecommunications hub in the Western USA), Los Angeles was the first district in the US to surpass $300 billion in trade for a single year. Companies such as Hulu, Netflix, several major media corporations, and many Internet entertainment firms are based here. This and several other reasons makes Los Angeles a unique data center market.

For starters, unlike other high-demand markets, the LA metro area was not a historical center of Internet interconnection and does not boast one of the original Internet peering points. Instead, LA grew up as a telecommunications hub for two key reasons:

  1. It has several key trans-Pacific landing points for optical fiber in the vicinity, which all fed into the One Wilshire carrier hotel.
  2. The seismic instability of the Silicon Valley area mandated a significant amount of infrastructure distribution to a location that was close by, but unlikely to suffer from serious “fate sharing” issues.

In addition, while its status as a telecom hub and backup for Silicon Valley was important, the true demand driver in recent times has been the growth of the entertainment and social networking vertical. While banks and other financial institutions are sometimes seen as major consumers of wholesale and colocation data center space, there is little doubt that entertainment companies rival them for sheer power and space consumed in this market.

Lastly, those entertainment firms include massively multiplayer online games (the largest of which has a greater than $1bn annual revenue), social networking sites, and video- and photosharing websites. While many firms are working to distribute servers across a wider geographic range, large installations continue to remain in Los Angeles and are growing.

Why Should You Use COLOTRAQ?

COLOTRAQ’s value-add is noteworthy: We know the facilities, markets, and business. COLOTRAQ does not own, operate, or work for any data center providers — yet we work with all of the commercial data centers in the Los Angeles market. This makes us completely neutral and independent, and results in our clients getting to pick the best of the best. This also promotes fair competition and ensures that you get the best data center provider, at the best price, based on your requirements, not on quotas.

In addition, our data center sourcing consultants have comprehensive facility and market knowledge. They save you both time and money by working directly with our data center providers, reviewing your requirements, and getting you competitive proposals.

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